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Welcome to Scalable Game Design Brasil!

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This page is maintained to keep our international visitors posted about the progress of Scalable Game Design Brasil.


The AMD Foundation has recently approved a grant for Scalable Game Design Brasil.
Ours is the first Brazilian project of the sort in AMD's Changing the Game initiative.

I Workshop for Teachers : 24-26 July, 2012 at PUC-Rio

PoliFacets, a web-based system for exploring games and simulations built with AgentSheets was launched during the I Workshop for Teachers at PUC-Rio

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Watch the movie introducing the Project Click to Computing
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Scalable Game Design Brasil (SGD-Br) is a computational thinking acquisition project associated with Scalable Game Design', a successful long-standing project led by Prof. Alexander Repenning at the University of Colorado Boulder to innovate computer science and STEM education in public schools. The strategy adopted by Scalable Game Design in the United States is “to reform middle school IT education at a systemic level exploring the notion of Scalable Game Design as an approach to carefully balance educational and motivational aspects of IT fluency. [source]” The platform we use in this project is AgentSheets, a visual object-oriented programming environment. (More about AgentSheets)

Our goal with SGD-Br is to stimulate and support Computer Science education in basic and secondary education schools in Brazil. As this is an unprecedented initiative in the country, the strategy we adopt in the early stages of SGD-Br is to run pilot programs with a few pioneering schools in and around the city of Rio de Janeiro in order to develop a solid understanding of specific challenges, opportunities and requirements for larger-scale Computer Science education programs in Brazilian schools. To this end we conduct in-depth interdisciplinary investigations in partner schools, with a group of professors, research associates and graduate students from two universities in the State of Rio de Janeiro: the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) and the Federal Fluminense University(UFF).

Our partner schools in 2012 are: Colégio Universitário Geraldo Reis (COLUNI) application school of UFF (the pioneering Brazilian school in SGD-BR, since 2010); the American School of Rio de Janeiro and Escola Nova.


AgentSheets, Inc

SERG - Semiotic Engineering Research Group
Departamento de Informática da PUC-Rio

ADDLabs - Laboratório de Documentação Ativa e Design Inteligente
Instituto de Computação da UFF

L3D - Center for LifeLong Learning and Design
Computer Science Department of the University of Colorado Boulder
University of Colorado Boulder

FAPERJ - Fundação Carlos Chagas Filho de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

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