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In October 21, 2011, Alexander and Nadia Repenning, him the lead researcher of the Scalable Game Design Project at Colorado University in Boulder, and she the CEO of AgentSheets, Inc., visited the COLUNI and could testify the work done at the Clique para a Computação Project, that gether partners of four institutions, two in the US and two in Brazil. Besides the already mentioned Colorado University and AgentSheets, are also brazilian partners the PUC-Rio, through SERG, headquarters of the academic coordination of the project, and UFF, through ADDLabs, headquarters of the executive coordination of the project, and of COLUNI, the pioneer school of Computational Thinking teaching through scalable game design with AgentSheets in Brazil.

See pictures of the visit here.

Alexander and Nadia Repenning Were were welcomed by Director of COLUNI Prof. Iduína Mont'Alverne, by the representative of the Rector of UFF Prof. Sydney Mello and the executive and academic coordinators of the project, Profas. Ana Cristina Garcia (ADDLabs, UFF) and Clarisse de Souza (SERG, PUC-Rio), respectively. Students and teachers who participated in the programs of the Computational Thinking Teaching project in 2010 and 2011, showed the results. Alexander Repenning declared himself "impressed with the energy that the Brazilian project has achieved in just over a year and with the games results of the students". He said that the next challenge of all is to get sustainable funding to maintain and expand this initiative, unique in Latin America so far.

Professor Repenning was also the international speaker invited for the opening ceremony of the X Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems and V Latin American Conference of Human-Computer Interaction (IHC+CLIHC'2011), held in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, 25-28 October. In his speech he included the results of the Brazilian project, which among other positive effects, has already aroused the interest of Brazilian researchers in other states for doing a similar project. Additionally, representatives of IT companies attended the conference showed interest in better understanding the project and explore ways of supporting it. As you know, one of the main goals of the Scalable Game Design as a whole, is rekindle the interest of young people in computing, which provides that in the coming years there is a high demand for professionals, which contrasts with the decrease of students who choose, in countries around the world, for a career in this area.

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