Official Project Opening at UFF in June 2011

De Scalable Game Design - Brasil
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In July 28, 2011 the Brazil project Scalable Game Design (Clique para Computação) was officialy started by Professor Robert Salles, Rector of the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) at Geraldo Reis school (COLUNI). Also present at the ceremony, Prof. Luiz Silva Mello, representing the rector of PUC-Rio in the event and parents of students, and all members of the research team, all students in the classes of 2010 and 2011, teachers Ygor Robaina and Fábio Moreira, who led these classes each year, respectively, other teachers of COLUNI and guest researchers of ADDLabs and SERG.

In the occasion, a presentation of games videos and posters was performed by the students of the 2010 class.

See some pictures at: Picasa album.

Also read a newspaper article about the event (content in Portuguese): a entrevista com a prof. Ana Cristina Garcia para o Jornal O Fluminense, de Niterói.


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