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Scalable Game Design Brasil at Google in Education Summit Project


This event occurred during November 9-10th, 2013, at American School, and were presented by Google Certified teachers, Google Apps Certified instructors, Google engineers, among others. Speakers presented how Google Apps helped them to promote Middle and High School education.

AgentSheets Day, at Colégio Militar do Rio de Janeiro

On November 6th, at Colégio Militar do Rio de Janeiro SGD-BR held a "AgentSheets Day". The goal of this event was to present to some teachers our current proposal for applying Scalable Game Design Brasil in schools, aiming at bringing Computational Thinking to them. Joined us at this event History, Chemistry, Math, Portuguese, IT, Arts and Geography teachers. They had the opportunity to get in touch with [PoliFacets] and create a simple Paintball game using AgentSheets.


Projects showcase on Science Fair at Escola Nova

Cultura eng.jpg

8th grade students who took part on the "We and PUC" project during the second semester of 2012 presented their projects developed in AgentSheets and PoliFacets to parents and guests;.

Celebration of end of semester activities at Escola Nova

On October 24th occurred the end of another course of the project "We and PUC", with 8th graders. During this moment kids received their certificates of participation, followed by a breakfast to celebrate the end of the semester.

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II Teachers Workshop

Teacher who participated at Second Computational Thinking At Schools for Teachers Workshop

In August 2013 we held at PUC-Rio campus the Second Computational Thinking At Schools for Teachers Workshop. In this edition, 10 participants got in touch with PoliFacets and AgentSheets. We also had former teachers providing talking about their experience in SGD-Br during previous semesters.

New PoliFacets online

In March, 2013, we released a new version of PoliFacets. PoliFacets allows anyone to explore many facets of games and simulations, which are aimed giving learners a better understanding of these games and simulations built in AgentSheets. These facets are the result of studies conducted jointly with partner schools PoliFacets has been used during our Second Teachers Workshop.


Partnership with Escola Americana and Escola Nova

Fotos earj nova.jpg In 2012 we have begun partnerships with Escola Americana and Escola Nova for performing in and after hour courses for students of these schools. So far 8 courses were performed, reaching about 80 students.

At Escola Nova, this project begun during the second semester of 2012 with 2 groups, 5th graders, coordinated by Lygia Moura and High School students during a Literature discipline taught by teacher Leonardo Gandolfi. In 2013 two extra classes with 8th graders were formed, once again coordinated by teacher Lygia Moura. During these classes, high school students who participated in previous classes acted as monitors. These classes had also teacher Débora Duarte present as listener.

In the second semester of 2012 Escola Americana started SGD-Br project offering an elective course for Middle School students, the "Game Programming Club", taught by teacher Mônica Araújo. In the first semester of 2013 students taught by Florence Duarte, in a Digital Arts course, had the challenge to build labyrinth games using AgentSheets. In the second semester of 2013, Scalable Game Design Brasil was included inside a programming discipline, taught by teacher Tim Shirk.

I Workshop for Teachers

In July 2013 we held the I Workshop for Teachers, during July 24-26th, 2012. 13 teachers from 3 partner schools ( Colégio Universitário Geraldo Reis, Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro and Escola Nova) attended to this workshop. Iworkshop.jpg

First version of PoliFacets launched in July 2012


In July 2012 we launched the first version of PoliFacets as an extension to AgentSheets online where teachers and students who have participated of Scalable Game Design Brazil could explore games and simulations. This system was developed by researchers at SERG (Semiotic Engineering Research Group) and was used firstly in the I Workshop for Teachers from COLUNI, Escola Nova and Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro. Courses given in these partner schools started using PoliFacets in teaching and learning activities in the second semester of 2012.

Official start of Scalable Game Design in 2011

In July 28th, 2011 Scalable Game Design Brasil was officially launched by Prof. Roberto Salles, President of Federal Fluminense University (UFF) at Colégio Universitário Geraldo Reis (COLUNI). In this ceremony Prof. Luiz Silva Mello, representative of PUC-Rio President in this event and parents of students from COLUNI who have already participated in this project. ProfRoberto-ProfaAnaCristina.JPG

Alex and Nadia Repenning visit project in October, 2011

From left to right: Nadia and Alex Repenning, Carla Leitão, Luciana Salgado and Cleyton Slaviero
In October 21st, 2011, Prof. Alexander Repenning, founder of Scalable Game Design and Ms. Nadia Repenning, CEO of AgentSheets, Inc., visited COLUNI. During this event students games created during previous courses given in 2010 and 2011 in this school were exhibited.
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