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Software developers as users. Semiotic Investigations in Human-Centered Software Development published by Springer in 2016.

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The book presents the SigniFYI Suite of conceptual and methodological tools, designed to uncover meanings inscribed in software, their origins, intent and consequences to identify and trace correlating patterns; from software design and development to software use and experience. Based on the study of Semiotic Engineering, it advances the study of Human-Centered Computing (HCC), inviting professionals, researchers, teachers and students to reflect upon how subjective and cultural values manifest themselves through software models, programs and user interfaces.
In the book, we weave a mesh of technical, theoretical and philosophical considerations of what it means to build and use software, exploring what we (professionals and non-professionals) mean by the pieces of software we design and develop, as well as what pieces of software mean to end-users and others. We explicitly dedicate it to software designers, developers and users, hoping that those among them who read the bool will enjoy our new account of socio-technical communication in the digital age.

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Last updated on July 13, 2016.

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